Fördergerät und Verfahren zur Herstellung einer Wabenstruktur

Conveyer apparatus and method for manufacturing a honeycomb structure

Appareil transporteur et procédé pour la fabrication d'une structure en nid d'abeilles


It is an object of the present invention to provide a conveyer apparatus (30) capable of keeping a small rate of moisture content change of the wet mixture between before and after a conveyance process, supplying a wet mixture of a constant quality to subsequent processes, and in particular, when used in the production process of honeycomb structure, preventing the occurrence of cracks, cell cut-off, and the like in the extruded molded body. The conveyer apparatus (30) according to the present invention comprises a conveyer portion (32) having disposed therein a conveyer (35) configured to convey a wet mixture, wherein the rate of moisture content change of the wet mixture between before and after conveyance is 3% or less.




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