Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur automatischen Aufzeichnung von Push-to-talk-Sprachkommunikationen zur Wiedergabe

Procédés et appareil d'enregistrement automatique de communications vocales de messagerie vocale instantanée pour réécoute

Methods and apparatus for automatically recording push-to-talk (PTT) voice communications


In one illustrative example, a mobile station (202) includes a wireless transceiver (108) which operates with a wireless communication network; a processor; memory (412) coupled to the processor; and a user interface which includes a Push-To-Talk (PTT) switch (452) for transmitting a PTT voice communication through the wireless transceiver, a PTT replay switch for replaying a PTT voice communication previously received through the wireless transceiver which is stored in the memory, and a speaker (234) for outputting audible voice signals. The wireless transceiver is operative to receive a PTT key message; receive voice data of a PTT voice communication following the PTT key message; and receive a PTT dekey message following the voice data. The processor is operative to cause the voice data of the PTT voice communication to be recorded in the memory (412) based on receiving the PTT key message, and cause the recording of voice data of the PTT voice communication to be terminated based on receiving the PTT dekey message. Subsequently, in response to detecting a user actuation of the PTT replay switch, the processor causes the voice data of the PTT voice communication to be retrieved from the memory and audible voice signals corresponding to the voice data to be output from the speaker (234).




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