Verfahren and Verbindungsanschluss zum Aufrechterhalten der Sterilität von medizinischen Flüssigkeiten

Method and connector for maintaining sterility of a medical fluid

Méthode et connecteur pour maintenir la stérilité dans des liquides médicaux


A system (10) to provide a specified volume of a medical fluid (23) from a bulk source (14) to a dose and/or delivery container (16) for injection into a patient. The fluid path (50,100) between the bulk container (14) and the delivery container (16) is physically separated at a connecting site (66) before fluid (23) is injected from the delivery container (16) into the patient. The bulk container (14) may be a bag or bottle, and the delivery container (16) may be a syringe (81) or bag (28). The connecting site (66) is enclosed in a compartment (104) having a receiving projection (120) and a conduit (69) for providing a sterilant to said connecting site (66).




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