Photocurable resin composition and resin composition for plastics comprising the same

Photovernetzbare Harzzusammensetzung und Harzzusammensetzungen für Kunstoffe, die solche enthalten

Composition de résine photoréticulable et composition de résine pour matière plastique


A photocurable resin composition comprises a cationic polymerizable compound (A), an acrylic resin (B) and a cationic photopolymerization initiator (C), in which the acrylic resin (B) has a cationic polymerizable functional group, and the content of the component (A) is 30 to 95 parts by mass and the content of the component (B) is 5 to 70 parts by mass, based on 100 parts by mass of the total amount of the components (A) and (B). In addition, the functional group of the acrylic resin (B) preferably contains at least one of a cyclic ether group, a vinyloxy group, an acid adduct of a vinyloxy group, and an active hydrogen group, with the active hydrogen group being a hydroxyl group is more preferable. The photocurable resin composition which has sufficient curability and sufficient adhesiveness to rigid plastics such as polycarbonate and PET having poor adhesive property.




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