Procédé de préparation de zéolite et procédé de préparation de l'epsilon-caprolactame

Verfahren zur Herstellung eines Zeolithes und Verfahren zur Herstellung von Epsilon Caprolactam

Method for manufacturing zeolite and method for manufacturing epsilon-caprolactam


The present invention provides a method for manufacturing a zeolite comprising following steps of: (1): calcining crystals obtained by hydrothermal synthesis reaction of a silicon compound; (2): contact treating a calcined product obtained by the step (1) with an aqueous solution including an amine and/or a quaternary ammonium compound; (3): calcining a treated product obtained by the step (2); and (4): contact treating the calcined product obtained by the step (3) with an aqueous solution including ammonia and/or an ammonium salt. According to the present invention, a method is also provided wherein ε-caprolactam is manufactured by Beckmann rearrangement reaction of cyclohexanone oxime in a gaseous phase in the presence of the zeolite manufactured by the above-described method.




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