Pile à combustible liquide

Liquid fuel cell


Provided is a fuel cell characterized in that a base material comprises a carbonaceous porous body having electrical conductivity in a part or the whole part and that a unit cell in which the respective layers of electrode/electrolyte/electrode are formed on the surface of the base material assumes a structure in which the base material is impregnated with liquid fuel (for example: methanol solution) and the surface of the electrode formed on the outside surface of the base material is exposed to air. The carbonaceous porous body having an electrical conductivity is allowed to have jointly functions as an electrode·collector, an impregnating medium for liquid fuel and oxidizing agent gas and a cell supporter, whereby a separator can be unneeded, and therefore a fuel cell which can reduce a size of a fuel cell system and which can exhibit a high output is provided by making use of the above unneeded space as a field for convecting and diffusing oxidizing agent gas or the liquid fuel.




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