Sonde de contact


Contact probe


A contact probe (5, 6) includes a probe tip (11a, 11b) and a damper (12a, 12b). The probe tip includes a first barrel (21a, 21b), a probe pin (22a, 22b), and a first spring (23a, 23b). The first barrel has a cavity (21a 2 ) with a bottom, an opening (21a 4 ) being disposed in a first end (21a 1 ) of the first barrel and the bottom being disposed at a second end (21a 3 ) of the first barrel. The probe pin is mounted in the first barrel so as to be movable forward and backward. The first spring is mounted in the cavity for elastically biasing the probe pin towards the opening. The damper is mounted to the second end of the first barrel, and elastically supports the first barrel.




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