Dynamisch verknüpften drahtlosen Netzen

Réseaux sans fil liés dynamiquement

Dynamically linked wireless networks


A mechanism that allow one wireless computing system to communicate with another even though they are out of range of each other transmitter/receiver circuitry, and without requiring dedicated external equipment to facilitate the communication. Instead, intermediary wireless computing system may facilitate the communication. Upon receive a request to communicate with a destination wireless device, each intermediary computing system discovers available wireless communications, and forwards the communication to them. The next intermediary computing system does the same, and so on and so forth, until the destination wireless device receives the wireless communication. The response is returned via the same path in reverse. Accordingly, the source wireless computing system may discover a possible wireless path to the destination wireless device. Possible wireless paths may be added and deleted as those wireless paths are destroyed and created, respectively, due to the mobility of the wireless computing systems.




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