In-situ method and composition for repairing a thermal barrier coating

In-situ Verfahren und Zusammensetzung zur Reparatur einer Wärmedämmschicht

Procédé in-situ et composition pour la réparation d'un revêtement de barrière thermique


An in-situ method for repairing a thermal barrier coating (16) deposited on a component (14) that has suffered localized spallation including depositing a ceramic paste on a surface area of the component (14) exposed by the localized spallation, the ceramic paste including a ceramic material in a binder material, the ceramic material including solid zirconia particles, the binder material including a silicone compound. The method also including heating the binder material to yield a repair coating (40) that covers the surface area of the component (14), the silicone compound promoting the bonding of the solid zirconia particles.




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