Dispositif de formation d'images avec la commande d'impression déterminée par un capteur de température dans l'appareil et valeurs de seuil

An image forming apparatus with a print control based on a temperature sensor inside and threshold values

Bilderzeugungsgerät mit Druckersteuerung auf Basis von einem Temperaturfühler im Gerät und Schwellwerten


An image forming apparatus such as a printer has: an image forming unit which forms an electrostatic latent image onto a charged photosensitive drum, deposits toner onto the image, and forms a visible image; a belt arranged so as to run freely in contact with the image forming unit; a temperature sensor which detects a temperature of the belt; and a controller which controls an image forming process on the basis of the detected temperature. Since the belt temperature is detected and the printing process is controlled on the basis of the detected temperature, an increase in temperature of the drum and an increase in temperature in the printer can be suppressed. Thus, the flowability of the toner in each image forming unit does not deteriorates and image quality can be improved.




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