Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Dekoration der Nägel

Procédé et dispositif de décoration sur ongles

Nail art method and apparatus thereof


The nail art operating apparatus of the present invention is capable of depicting pictorial images with various contents on nails using various colors of inks accurately during short time period without compelling the user to perform onerous operation, and contaminates periphery of the apparatus a little. The nail art operating apparatus is comprised of a fingertip fixation measure (50) for fixing the fingertip on which a nail art is operated, a changer (140) for selecting a printing plate to be used from a plurality of the printing plates, a selector table for selecting a plate surface to be used on the selected printing plate, an ink stage for applying selected ink to the selected plate surface while selecting the ink introduced from a plurality of ink container housed in a container housing section (110), and a printing section (180) for performing printing for the nail in such a way as to re-transcribe the pictorial image to the nail so as to bring this pad into contact with the nail of the fingertip of the user, after transcribing this ink to the pad.




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