Dispositif d'entrée et terminal mobile

Inputting device and mobile terminal

Eingabevorrichtung und mobiles Endgerät


An inputting device, in which a moving control command to a subject to be controlled is formed on a display in an arbitrary direction and the waterproof and the dustproof are provided and whose structure does not have a part sticking out of the surface of the cabinet or has the part sticking out of the surface of the cabinet as small as possible even if it has the sticking out part and whose structure is also simple, is provided. In this, a plane being about parallel to the front surface of the cabinet is defined as an XY plane in an XY orthogonal coordinate system. The inputting device is disposed in an opening part of a cabinet. The inputting device provides an elastic sheet that is made of a material having elasticity and flexibility or having only elasticity and is disposed inside the cabinet in about parallel to the XY plane in a state that the front surface of the elastic sheet faces the rear surface of the front side of the cabinet, a sliding key that is fixed tightly on the front surface of the elastic sheet so that the sliding key is disposed at an about center of the opening part in a state that the sliding key is possible to move in an arbitrary direction on the XY plane, sensors that at least detect the moved direction of the sliding key on the XY plane, and a first controlling means that generates a first control signal based on the moved direction and the amount of the movement of the sliding key detected by the sensors.




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