Tiroir à détergents pour machine à laver

Waschmittelschublade für eine Waschmaschine

Detergent drawer for a washing machine


A washing machine includes a detergent supply apparatus having a detachable partition member (42,52). The detergent supply apparatus includes a casing (31) which defines an outer appearance of the detergent supply apparatus, and a detergent/fabric softener drawer (32) slidably set in the casing (31). The detergent/fabric softener drawer (32) includes a fixed partition member (41) which partitions the detergent/fabric softener container into a detergent chamber and a fabric softener chamber (38), and the detachable partition member (42,52) is removably mounted in the detergent chamber (35), so as to partition the detergent chamber (35) into a secondary detergent storing section (36) and a main detergent storing section (37). The detergent chamber (35) is entirely used as the main detergent storing section in response to removal of the detachable partition member (42,52) from the detergent chamber (35).




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