Hit scoring apparatus for shooting practice

Cible avec indicateur d'impact pour exercice de tir

Ziel mit Trefferanzeige für Schiessübungen


The invention provides a hit-scoring apparatus for shooting practice, comprising a target holder consisting of a body constituting the first and second jaws (2,32) of a clamping device, the first jaw and the second jaw being electrically insulated from one another, means (26-30) adapted to produce a relative movement between the first jaw and the second jaw, and a target panel (46) clampable between the first and second jaws, the target panel consisting of a plurality of layers (48,50-52) including an electrically conductive front layer (48) and an electrically conductive second layer (52) separated and spaced apart from the front layer by at least one electrically non-conductive layer (50,51). When the target panel is clamped between the first and second jaws of the target holder, separate electrical contacts (12,12',42,74,74') are established between the front layer and the first jaw on the one hand, and between the second layer and the second jaw on the other hand, the first and second jaws being further connectable to a hit-scoring unit.




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