Transmission toroidale à variation continue

Toroidal continuously variable transmission

Stufenloses Toroidgetriebe


A toroidal continuously variable transmission includes an input disk (3,5), an output disk (8) facing the input disk (3,5), a power roller (10) gripped between the input disk (3,5) and output disk (8), a pedestal (10b) which supports the power roller (10) free to rotate about a power roller (10) rotation axis, and a trunnion (14) which gyrates about a trunnion gyration axis. The trunnion (14) includes a first plane portion perpendicular to the power roller (10) rotation axis, two second plane portions perpendicular to the first plane portion and facing each other across the power roller rotation axis and two inclined portions between the first plane portion and the second plane portions, respectively. A roller bearing (40) unit, including a cage (41) housing a roller (10), supports the pedestal (10b) on the trunnion (14) so that the pedestal (10b) is free to slide in a direction that is perpendicular to both the trunnion (14) gyration axis and power roller (10) rotation axis. Limiting members, that limit the slide amount of the cage (41) of the power roller bearing (40) relative to the trunnion (14), are provided on the inclined portions. In this way, the projections (30d) serve as a rib, which raises the rigidity of the trunnion. Therefore, deformation of the trunnion (14) is reduced even if overload acts on the trunnion (14) via power roller (10).




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