Bar coating apparatus and bar coating method

Stabrakelstreichanlage und Verfahren zum Beschichten

Coucheuse à baguette et méthode de revêtement


A bar coating apparatus (12) includes a coating bar (16) for contacting an object (14) to be coated, which object is conveyed in a constant direction, so as to apply a coating solution to and remove excess coating solution from the object to be coated, a weir member for forming a bead of the coating solution between the object to be coated and the coating bar, the weir member (20) being disposed upstream of the coating bar in a direction in which the object to be coated is conveyed, a pressing member for pressing the object to be coated from a side thereof opposite from the coating bar, the pressing member being disposed near the coating bar; and a moving device for moving the pressing member in a thickness direction of the object to be coated.




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