Homogeneous single-part photographic color developing concentrate and method of making

Concentré homogène en une seule partie pour révélateur photographique en couleur et méthode de préparation

Photographisches einteiliges homogenes Farbentwicklerkonzentrat und Herstellungsmethode


A method of preparing a homogeneous, ready to use, sulfate-free, single-part color developing composition comprises the steps of: A) mixing in water, a color developing agent present as a sulfate salt, an antioxidant for the color developing agent, alkali metal ions in at least stoichiometric proportion to the sulfate salt, and a water-miscible or water-soluble, straight-chain organic solvent having a molecular weight of from 50 to 200, and present at a concentration such that the weight ratio of water to the solvent is from 15:85 to 50:50, to form an alkali metal sulfate in the solution, and B) removing the alkali metal sulfate from the solution.




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