Appareil de traitement d'électrothérapie et/ou de magnétothérapie

Apparatus for electrotherapy and/or magnetotherapy

Vorrichtung zur Elektro- und/oder Magnetotherapie


Apparatus for electrotherapy and/or magnetotherapy (10) comprising a plurality of electrodes and electronic control means (21), able to generate and send to the electrodes electric signals having a variable period (p) and intensity (V), wherein the electronic control means (21) are able to sub-divide the period (p) into a plurality of unitary temporal segments, and moreover data introduction means (16) are connected to the electronic control means (21) to allow the user to choose and to set for each of the segments an intensity (V) of the corresponding electric signal comprised between a maximum value (VMAX) and a minimum value (VMIN), so that the wave shape of the electric signal applied to each electrode can be selected and programmed by the user.




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