Amenagement de protection de passagers

Einrichtung zum Schutz der Insassen

Occupant protective apparatus


By supporting a weight member in such a manner that it can be moved forward to a certain degree in the case of the car collision, the seeming inertial mass of the car body in the initial stage of the car collision is reduced to thereby generate larger deceleration than the average deceleration in the whole car body, next, the weight member is butted against a movable part which can be moved back and forth with respect to the car body, the thus obtained inertial mass is applied the movable part to thereby cause the movable part, that is, a seat to generate negative car body deceleration (acceleration) temporarily, and, finally, the whole car body decelerates with the average deceleration as an integral unit, whereby not only a preferable car body deceleration waveform for reduction of the occupant deceleration can be realized but also, even in the case of the smaller car body deforming amount (dynamic stroke) than in the conventional car body, the occupant deceleration can be reduced to a great extent. Also, the present occupant protective apparatus can be realized with a simple structure, whereby the car body of a car incorporating this apparatus therein can be made compact.




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