Connecteur ayant des moyens de détection d'engagement

Half-fitting detection connector

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A half-fitting detection connector (30) includes a lock arm (53) which is formed on an outer surface of a housing (43) of a male connector (33), and locks the two connectors to each other in a fitted condition when a retaining projection (54) is engaged in an engagement hole (58) formed in the female connector (34). A shutter (55) is formed at a distal end of the lock arm (53). The shutter (55) closes a fitting port (45a) for the female connection-detection terminal (48) in the male connector (33) when the retaining projection (54) is urged by a housing inner surface (64). The shutter (55) opens the fitting port (45a) when the retaining projection (54) is engaged in the engagement hole (58). A male connection-detection terminal (62) is received in the female connector (34), and has a spring portion (62b) which can be compressively deformed along the terminal fitting direction.




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