Dispositif d'administration d'un colorant médical

Medizinischer Farbstoff Abgabevorrichtung

Medical dye delivery system


A medical dye delivery system includes a medical dye container (20) and a syringe (10) for withdrawing the medical dye from the container and delivering the dye to a patient. A valve (30) is disposed in the system having an inlet in flow communication with the medical dye container and an outlet in flow communication with the syringe. The valve includes a housing (31) defining a flotation chamber (32) with a valve seat (37) and a flotation member (33) disposed therein. The flotation member (33) seals off the valve seat (37) opening upon medical dye depletion, forcing any remaining fluid flow through a bypass channel that provides restricted flow to provide a tactile warning to the operator of the system that the medical dye container is depleted, yet allow the operator to purge remaining dye from the system. In a preferred embodiment, the flotation member (33) has first and second portions, with a density of the second portion being greater than a density of the first portion. The density of the second portion is sufficient to close against the valve seat, yet is still capable of being suspended above the valve seat when the flotation member floats in the volume of medical dye.




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