Self-evacuating vacuum cleaner

Selbstentleerender Staubsauger

Aspirateur a vidage automatique


A vacuum cleaner comprising: a tank (32) for receiving vacuumed material, a vacuum assembly (34) including an air impeller (74) for creating low pressure in the tank (32) to draw material into the tank (32) through an inlet (40) of the vacuum cleaner, a pump assembly (120) disposed inside the tank (32) and including at least a housing (124,126) in which is located an impeller (104) of a pump (372) for expelling liquid material contained in the tank (32) through an outlet (56) of the vacuum cleaner, at least one motor (93) for driving the air impeller (74) and the pump impeller (104), characterized in that the housing (124,126) is positioned proximate the air impeller (74) and the pump assembly (120) further comprises a pump inlet tube (310,318) extending from the housing (124,126) to a lower portion of the tank (32).




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