Toner container

Récipient de toner


A toner cartridge mountable to a cartridge mount of a main assembly of an image forming apparatus comprising an electrostatic latent image bearing member, toner container for containing toner for developing an electrostatic latent image on the image bearing member, wherein the cartridge in the cartridge mount is capable of taking a mounting position wherein the cartridge can be mounted on or demounted from the mount and a toner supply position wherein the toner can be supplied into the container from the toner cartridge, and wherein when the toner is to be supplied into the container, the toner cartridge is rotated in a predetermined direction from the mounting position to the supply position, and when the toner cartridge is to be demounted from the mount, the toner cartridge is rotated in the direction opposite from the predetermined direction from the toner supply position to the mounting position, the toner cartridge includes a container body for containing the toner; a toner discharge opening, provided in the container body, for discharging the toner from the container body; a shutter for shutting the discharge opening; a shutter support for supporting the shutter for movement between a shutting position for shutting the discharge opening and an open position, away from the shutting position, for opening the discharge opening; a projection at a corner portion of the support, the projection being engageable with an engaging portion of the cartridge mount; wherein when the toner cartridge is at the toner supply position, the projection is engaged with the engaging portion to prevent removal of the toner cartridge from the mount.




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