Low-sugar ice cream



The invention provides low-sugar ice cream. The low-sugar ice cream comprises the following raw materials in parts by weight: 15 parts of xylitol, 10 parts of dried skim milk, 4 parts of pure cream, 0.06 part of table salt, 3 parts of whey powder, 4 parts of tartary buckwheat, 0.1 part of xylooligosaccharide, 1 part of stabilizing agent, 1 part of emulsifier, 0.02 part of essence and 0.05 part of natural pigment. The low-sugar ice cream disclosed by the invention is cool, refreshing and delicious; after the xylitol for replacing cane sugar is added, the low-sugar ice cream is greatly suitable for eating by diabetics, children and middle-aged and aged people so as to prevent the generation of decayed teeth, regulate the gastrointestinal function and also haverealize the capability of preventing the bacterial infection of the respiratory tracts.




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