Pellicle frame, pellicle and method for using pellicle frame



Provided is a pellicle frame wherein the frame is not distorted when a pellicle film is stretched and pasted, and the pellicle frame itself follows up flexure caused by the weight of a mask even after a pellicle is pasted to the mask. A rectangular pellicle frame has a distortion factor a of 0.06% or less, the followability ss of each side of the pellicle frame expressed by the general expression (1) is 3 mm or more, the followability ss of the long side of the pellicle frame is 32 mm or less, the long side of the pellicle frame has a length of 1400-2100 mm, and the area on the inside of the pellicle frame is 15000 cm2 or more. ss=(1/flexure of pellicle)thicknesswidth (1).




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