Method for making carrot and corn sparerib soup


  • Inventors: JIA MIN
  • Assignees: 贾敏
  • Publication Date: February 27, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-102940285-A


The invention discloses a method for making a carrot and corn sparerib soup and belongs to the field of nutritional recipes. The making method comprises the following steps: peeling carrots, cutting the carrots into rollcut, cutting corn into pieces, and cutting sparerib into pieces; blanching the sparerib in boiling water, taking the sparerib out, and washing and draining the sparerib; adding a little salad oil into a pan, frying chopped green onion and bruised ginger, adding the sparerib to fry until fragrance gives out, adding water to cook, wherein the added water is over the sparerib, boiling through big fire, stewing for 1.5 hours through soft fire, adding the corn and stewing for 12 minutes; and finally, adding the carrot for continuously stewing for ten minutes until the carrot and the corn are well-cooked, and adding condiment. The making method is easy to learn, is matched with nutrition and has an anti-irritation effect.




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