Device and method for fixing floor tiles quickly and accurately



The invention discloses a device and a method for fixing floor tiles quickly and accurately. The technical scheme includes that the device mainly comprises horizontal positioners and a cement mortar leveler and the like, wherein the horizontal positioners made of linear aluminum sections or section steel are drilled with positioning holes, and the cement mortar leveler comprises a support, fixed casters, adjustable casters and a scraper. The construction steps include firstly, marking horizontal lines for fixing tiles on corresponding wall surfaces by snapping; secondly, fixing the horizontal positioners on the wall surfaces; thirdly, tensioning multiple tile positioning horizontal wires on the horizontal positioners on the corresponding wall surfaces; fourthly, spreading cement mortar on floor; fifthly, leveling the cement mortar by the cement mortar leveler; sixthly, laying and fixing the tiles on the leveled cement mortar layer. By the device and the method for fixing the floor tiles quickly and accurately, hollowing of the floor tiles is avoided, leveling precision of the floor tiles is increased as compared with that of floor tiles fixed by a conventional fixing method, and construction speed is increased by twice at least as compared with that of the conventional fixing method.




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