Bed capable of realizing people wake-up


  • Inventors: HONG LAI
  • Assignees: 洪莱
  • Publication Date: January 30, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-102894713-A


The invention relates to an improvement of the structure of a bed, and provides a simple-structure bed capable of realizing people wake-up. The simple-structure bed comprises a bed body and a bed head. The simple-structure is characterized in that the surface of the bed body is provided with at least two vibrators; the bed surface surrounding the vibrators is provided with at least ten pressure switches; the top of the bed head is provided with a voice operated switch; the side part of the bed body is provided with a master switch; the at least ten pressure switches are connected in a parallel manner, and then are connected with the master switch, the vibrators, a power supply and the voice operated switch in a series manner.




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