Formula and making method of Chinese herbal medicine pillow


  • Inventors: SUN XIAOKUN
  • Assignees: 孙孝坤
  • Publication Date: January 23, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-102885538-A


The invention discloses a formula and a making method of a Chinese herbal medicine pillow, belonging to the technical field of living goods. The Chinese herbal medicine pillow comprises the following constitutes according to weight proportion: 20-30 parts of Chinese angelica, 10-20 parts of chrysanthemum, 10-20 parts of lavender and 40-50 parts of vacuum cotton. The making method comprises the following steps of: (1) selecting materials; (2) placing the materials in the step (1) in the sun for insolation for 3-5 hours; (3) placing insolated Chinese angelica, the chrysanthemum and the lavender in a screen, and removing redundant impurity by the screen; (4) loading the material in the step (3) in a mesh bag; (5) loading the vacuum cotton in a pillow case, and simultaneously placing the mesh bag in the pillow case; and (6) sealing the pillow case and packaging. The invention has the advantages that the Chinese herbal medicine such as chrysanthemum, Chinese angelica and lavender are added into the traditional pillow case, air during sleeping can be regulated, light lavender and chrysanthemum flavor is favorable for people to fall sleep rapidly, and sleep quality is improved.




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