ICT (information communication technology) support design of national value chain planning configuration main body

国民价值链规划配置主体的ict 技术支持设计

  • Inventors: LI ZONGCHENG
  • Assignees: 李宗诚
  • Publication Date: January 02, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-102857541-A


The invention discloses a national value chain planning configuration holographic hedging balance list technology which is a new technology on the basis of creating a brand new logics foundation, mathematics foundation and science foundation in order to change the 'cloud' computing system into a 'heaven and earth' computing system connecting all things, which is created by taking the Internet users as the center and further taking the multi-level GVC (global value chain) as the center and taking the connection and coordination performed by a cognitive system and a practice system based on a computer aided system and the Internet as the mainline of the evolution process of an HIIS (high-level intelligent integrated system) and by establishing a network configuration dynamics basic model, normal form and formula system and a game organization synergetics basic model, normal form and formula system.




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