Water cooling device for energy-saving liquid vaporizer



The invention relates to a water cooling device. The water cooling device comprises a pipe with an integrated structure, wherein the pipe has a water inlet and a water outlet, and is arranged to communicate a first spring tube and a second spring tube; the water inlet is located at the end port of the first spring tube; and the water outlet is arranged at the end port of the second spring tube. By adopting the metal spring tube structure, the water cooling device provided by the invention can effectively increase the heat absorption area and reduce the size of the water cooling structure. The water in the metal spring tube can absorb heat in the device, and then is discharged out of the device from the water outlet, thereby effectively solving the problem of excess temperature in the device. Meanwhile, the water outlet can be connected with a device needing hot water so as to reuse the waste heat, thereby greatly lowering the energy consumption and saving the cost.




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