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US-5399980-A: Capacitive measuring circuit patent, US-5406327-A: Tensioning device for the power-supply and coaxial cables of a camera which is moved in a video surveillance tunnel patent, US-5426282-A: System for self-checkout of bulk produce items patent, US-5460958-A: Process for producing L-isoleucine by S-2-aminoethyl-L-cysteine or D-Serine resistant strains of E coli patent, US-5461540-A: Heat dissipation device for personal computers patent, US-5464617-A: β-lactam compounds patent, US-5584155-A: Roof plate for longitudinal roofing patent, US-5602624-A: Apparatus for adding color indicia to printed documents patent, US-5616918-A: Plasma ion mass spectrometer and plasma mass spectrometry using the same patent, US-5802854-A: Gas turbine multi-stage combustion system patent, US-5810829-A: Posterior stabilized/constrained reamer guide patent, US-5815841-A: Novelty hat including miniature basketball goal patent, US-5883742-A: Image vibration reduction device patent, US-5936674-A: Method and apparatus for concealing errors in a transmitted video signal patent, US-6030646-A: Chewing gum comprising a triglyceride composition patent, US-6041758-A: Fuel injection amount controller for engines patent, US-6042506-A: Automatic transmission control having variable fluid pressure decreasing rate at gear shifting patent, US-6068406-A: Needle roller bearing patent, US-6071022-A: Sealing arrangement patent, US-6089553-A: Resilient bearing, in particular for mounting an engine in a motor vehicle patent, US-6118831-A: Data demodulator device patent, US-6145585-A: Motor housing with invertedly disposed T-grooves for quick dissipation of heat patent, US-6155147-A: Torque screwdriver with indexing means lock patent, US-6158634-A: Clothes hanger device patent, US-6240922-B1: Laryngeal mask assemblies patent, US-6253594-B1: Method of producing a stamped item patent, US-6263168-B1: Eyepiece optical system for a single lens reflex camera patent, US-6309255-B1: Electrical connector having power contacts for providing high electrical power patent, US-6330689-B1: Server architecture with detection and recovery of failed out-of-process application patent, US-6334265-B1: Process for the operation of a regenerator and regenerator patent, US-6407701-B2: GPS receiver capable of calculating accurate 2DRMS patent, US-6457374-B1: Gearbox for a motorcycle patent, US-6519144-B1: Wall mount cradle for personal digital assistants patent, US-6559574-B2: Stacked electro-mechanical energy conversion element and vibration wave driving device using the same patent, US-6612510-B1: Aerosol spraying patent, US-6625635-B1: Deterministic and preemptive thread scheduling and its use in debugging multithreaded applications patent, US-6628220-B2: Circuit for canceling thermal hysteresis in a current switch patent, US-6642818-B2: Loop coupled microwave cavity patent, US-6696621-B2: Selectable marker in plants patent, US-6709162-B2: Rolling bearing unit patent, US-6720843-B2: Filter switching circuit having a shorter distance of connection for a higher frequency passband patent, US-6760250-B2: Magnetic random access memory patent, US-6871260-B2: Non-volatile memory based storage system capable of directly overwriting without using redundancy and its writing method patent, US-6883925-B2: Light guide plate and backlight system using the same patent, US-6891507-B2: Surface mount antenna, method of manufacturing same, and communication device patent, US-6891542-B2: Image processing integrated circuit, image processing system and method for image processing patent, US-4121360-A: Identification bracelet patent, US-4129334-A: Method for locating the remaining recoverable mineral reserves during solution mining patent, US-4203550-A: Shower heads patent, US-4239936-A: Speech recognition system patent, US-4245260-A: Method for improved reproduction of edges by engraving screened printing forms patent, US-4288834-A: Breakerless magneto ignition patent, US-4302244-A: Steel conversion method patent, US-4302916-A: Damp-proof courses and structural assemblies including damp-proof courses patent, US-4304440-A: Roller cutter patent, US-4312433-A: Viscous fluid clutch and standpipe arrangement therefor patent, US-4314387-A: Dirt separator patent, US-4335935-A: Arrangement for the induced absorption of electromagnetic radiation patent, US-4352822-A: Gum base, chewing gum containing same and method patent, US-4357213-A: Method of recovery of liquid chlorine derivatives of hydrocarbons patent, US-4403116-A: Telephone apparatus patent, US-4416575-A: Union nut patent, US-4457328-A: Combined positive seal and repetitive actuation isolation valve patent, US-4480693-A: Fluid loss control in oil field cements patent, US-4487909-A: Ternary adhesive systems containing a polyester polyol, an isocyanate-polyester-urethane, and a crosslinking agent which is a polyisocyanate patent, US-4507108-A: Device for the control of the mutual removal and approching movement of lateral conveying units in a carton sealing and/or closing machine patent, US-4520496-A: Rotary-anode X-ray tube patent, US-4568018-A: Recessed gable top carton patent, US-4569015-A: Method for achieving multiple processor agreement optimized for no faults patent, US-4583350-A: Process and device in particular for sealing containers with a foil or the like material patent, US-4585189-A: Counterbalanced cowling assembly for a pylon-mounted engine and nacelle therefor patent, US-4594776-A: Connector installation station for compact semi-automatic cable assembly system patent, US-4595801-A: Coupled dual cone velocity driver speaker patent, US-4633150-A: Driving circuit for brushless DC motors patent, US-4691612-A: Accessory for a drum pedal assembly patent, US-4697659-A: Vehicle fraction attachment patent, US-4698953-A: Bag filling apparatus patent, US-4701174-A: Form-fitting self-adjusting disposable garment with angled direction stretchable outer cover patent, US-4709970-A: Portable cabinet patent, US-4717029-A: Crane control method patent, US-4730461-A: Multi-zone cold storage variable air volume air conditioning system patent, US-4733639-A: Air intake system patent, US-4733663-A: Medical instrument for removing bone patent, US-4734429-A: Cycloalkane[1,2-c:4,3-c']dipyrazoles and their use as bronchodilators patent, US-4739708-A: Holder for flames of pyrophore-containing fuels in high-speed air patent, US-4770699-A: Method of treating liquid melts patent, US-4783232-A: Filament winding using a rotationally molded inner layer patent, US-4786191-A: Draw tape bag with two single draw tapes and method of manufacture patent, US-4950127-A: Rotary dipper stick patent, US-4958138-A: Resistive position indicator patent, US-4963271-A: Process for the separation and purification of cellulose ethers and cellulose derivatives patent, US-5017859-A: Integral capacitive divider bus bar voltage measuring apparatus and combined current sensor patent, US-5068706-A: Semiconductor device with fuse function patent, US-5081662-A: Mobile x-ray apparatus patent, US-5092494-A: Apparatus for metering fluid patent, US-5111693-A: Motion restraints for micromechanical devices patent, US-5119724-A: Force adjustment device in a manual pad printer patent, US-5179556-A: Bandwidth management and congestion control scheme for multicast ATM networks patent, US-5181280-A: Strap retainer patent, US-5195443-A: Windsurfing spreader patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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